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Either the previous participation in the "foundamentals" workshop (information can be found here) or the attendance of an "individual counselling appointment with HALE® Coaching (price 75.00 Euro in 2022, 90.00 Euro in 2023)".

In case it is not possible for you to attend to a counselling appointment in Poettmes in due time, you are welcome to attend via skype or zoom.

If you then decide to train with HALE®, you will receive 200.00 Euros for the "fundamentals" workshop and 75.00/90.00  Euros for the individual counselling appointment, credited to your training invoice.


Participant:  3.800.00 Euro incl. VAT.
Individual counselling appointment with HALE® Coaching: 75.00 Euro (in 2022) and 90.00 Euro (in 2023) incl. VAT.
Accommodation for guest horse per day: 10.00 Euro incl. VAT.

The training fee includes the provision of a training horse, as well as beverages and snacks during the coffee breaks, as far as legal regulations for the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic allow.


maximum 2-4


Comfortable leisure clothing suitable for the season, rainwear if necessary and sturdy shoes (hiking or trekking shoes), as we will also be outdoors. If necessary, a mouth-nose covering ("corona mask") in case the prescribed minimum distance cannot be kept.

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Studies in 2023 (18 days of education):

Basic module/Module2: 

  1. Season:   April, 12. -16.  2023 (5 days)
  2. Season:   May,  17. - 21.  2023 (5 days)

Advanced module:        

  1. Season:   September, 06. - 10.  2023 (5 days)
  2. Season:   October 06. - 08. 2023 (3 days)


Curriculum and structure in 2023 - 4 Seasons including 18 days of education: 

Basic module:  Freedom ground work with horses

  Introduction to the HALE®philosophy, basics of anatomy, physiology, psyche
  Fundamentals of liberal ground work with horses
  Relationship in the "equine"world
  Leadership and "lead animal" role, intermediate exam

Advanced module:   Imparting and teaching

  In-depth liberal ground work with horses
  The different dimensions of the human-horse relationship
  Teach and convey, conversation techniques and didactics, final examination

After your registration you will receive a written booking confirmation with invoice, directions to the seminar location and a list of accommodation options by post.

Payment modalities:
Deposit 100,00 Euro after receipt of invoice. Final payment at the latest 4 weeks before the start of the seminar.

Further information can be found in our General Terms and Conditions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

  • 2023-04-16, 2023-10-08,
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  • Do you love horses and are ready for self-development?
  • Would you like to bring more understanding into the world of horses and humans?
  • Do you have a heart for problem horses?
  • Do you have a difficult horse?
  • Do you work already with horses and are tired of the old pressure and function track?

Make more of your love for horses!

Become an ally of the horse. Become a counterpart who respects his nature, understands his language and mediates between him and his caregiver when needed!

Liberal ground work with horses according to HALE® is understood as fundamental- and relationship-work with the horse. It is the key to a natural, clearly defined, partnership-based relationship on which everything else - such as riding - can be wonderfully built. HALE® is excellent for gentle, horse-friendly training of remounts, the advancement of trained horses, as well as for the correction of difficult and spoilt horses.

The training comprises 2 levels (basic and advanced) with a total of 23 training days. The two levels can be spread over 2 consecutive years.

For our participants from abroad we also offer this education program in block format. Please contact us for more information.

  • Basic knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the horse
  • Horse behaviour and horse language
  • Relationship work with horses
  • Horse-appropriate clarification of rank
  • Playful gymnastics
  • Working with young and spoilt horses
  • Mediating and teaching
  • and much more
  • images/neuebilder/hale-vision_susanne-e-schwaiger_trainerIn-fuer-freiheitliche-bodenarbeit.jpg
  • images/neuebilder/hale-vision_susanne-e-schwaiger_trainerIn-fuer-freiheitliche-bodenarbeit_2.jpg
  • images/neuebilder/hale-vision_susanne-e-schwaiger_trainerin-fuer-freiheitliche-bodenarbeit03.jpg
The horse's mediator, friend and ally
The training has given me a lot of knowledge about the world of horses, the true nature of the horse and taught me techniques that are incredibly helpful in dealing with people and horses.
Silke L.



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