Individual Offers

Do you like things to be customized? - I am happy to be at your disposal for individual coaching sessions or human-horse relationship training. HALE® on Tour offers events, trainings and education programs worldwide in German and English.

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Horse language and relationship work

HALE® individual training with your own horse

Target groups:

Horse owners, horse sharer and carer. Especially if one or more points apply to you.

  • You want a natural, equine-appropriate partnership with the horse. Its pure function under the saddle does not fulfil you.
  • You have problems with your horse.
  • You suffer from traumas in connection with the horse.

Participation is only possible with your own horse/grooming horse.

Every human-horse relationship is unique. For this reason, rigid techniques and methods cannot do justice to the individual potentials and problems in the relationship. This individualised training starts exactly at the point that will help you move forward.

Online counselling:

I would also be happy to advise you online in advance.

I am happy to address your concerns individually and develop a concept for your needs.

Procedure for individual training in Pöttmes or at your premises:

  • In a short preliminary talk, we discuss your concerns and wishes for change.
  • In an initial guided horse encounter in the working arena, we document your relevant issues and points of conflict on video.
  • Depending on your wishes, we analyse the video in short or long form.
  • We then work out the next steps for further development or problem solving.
  • In customised exercises, I will prepare you for the next, now differently set-up encounter with the horse.
  • If necessary and desired, I will first work with your horse myself to lay a foundation on which you can then continue to work.
  • In the second guided horse encounter, we will include the changes discussed.
  • In a final discussion we make a review and define future steps.
Fees in Pöttmes

Counseling online per 60 min.: 80,00 Euro incl. VAT

Individual training per 60 min.: 120,00 Euro incl. VAT

Training sessions over two half days (1st day in the afternoon, 2nd day in the morning) haven proven to be particularly effective and sustainable. Of course you dan also choose a different option.

Special - 2 half days: 940,00 Euro incl. VAT

Accomodation of a guest horse is included.

Fees out of town

I would be happy to make you an individual offer tailored to your wishes.

It's going very well with Malik. I also have the feeling that all the contents of the training are present, become mine and I don't have to think about what I am doing now. Life has become different. (Waltraud K.)